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Understanding Breast Density

Nearly half of all women have dense breasts – something that increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer and makes it more difficult to detect cancer in screenings. Despite how widespread dense breasts are, there still isn’t the clarity and knowledge women need around this issue.

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Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Nearly half of all adults will experience a mental health disorder at some point in their lifetime. One in five women will be diagnosed with a mental health problem, like depression, anxiety or an eating disorder.

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Women and Statins: More Research Needed

Doctors commonly prescribe statins to help patients lower their cholesterol and in turn, prevent heart attack and stroke. Women, however, have been greatly underrepresented in existing clinical trial research for statins, which has been performed primarily in men with results extrapolated to women.

As we know, women’s bodies function differently than men’s bodies, and statins seem to impact women differently than men.

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Gender Disparity in Health Care

Many of today’s provider – as compassionate and experienced as they may be – aren’t receiving the education or support they need to adequately address women’s health issues, like menopause management, sexual health, migraines, breast cancer assessment, cancer survivorship, heart health, mental health and many other health issues.

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