designed for women.


We are experts.
We are advocates.
we are ms.medicine.

Traditional healthcare models restrict the time and attention needed to give women the care they deserve. We saw this gap in healthcare as an opportunity to set a new standard of care for women. 


Gender-specific care is crucial to establishing equality in healthcare.  Our mission is to educate women and disrupt traditional healthcare with this truth to improve women’s primary care across the country.


we connect.
we educate.
we empower.

Ms.Medicine is female founded and focused on providing concierge doctors and physicians for those who want the best in healthcare. Until now, women have lacked exposure to what they are missing in their medical experiences. We work to empower patients by connecting them with expert providers who have advance knowledge in neglected areas: menopause, sexual health, breast cancer risk, heart health, bone health, pelvic floor conditions, genetics, cancer survivorship, and sleep + nutrition.


Ms.Medicine concierge practices embody our core values


·         Dedication: We structure our practices to reflect the value we place on time with each patient. Longer appointments and accessible providers establish partnerships that make it easier to deliver the best possible care. 

·         Integrity: We are a part of your journey in sickness and health. We prioritize transparency in cost structure and communication. Payment is always explicit and following comprehensive discussions of the necessity, risks, and benefits of all treatment options. 

·         Respect: We believe everyone deserves quality healthcare. We are committed to providing exceptional care to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

·         Collaboration: We continually strive to improve care through education and connection. We are building a community of expert, multispecialty clinicians to raise the standard of care for women. 

The ms.medicine difference


To improve and promote the health of women through comprehensive, evidence-based care, education and advocacy.



To elevate the standard of care for women.

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