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Ms.Medicine is a national practice model of women’s health trained providers. We’re changing the healthcare landscape through innovation of how women’s primary and specialty care is delivered. For our patients, we raise the standard of care and address the unmet medical needs of women. These neglected health needs cover a range of services including menopause, sexual health, breast cancer risk, heart health, bone health, genetics and nutrition.

Women have unique needs and healthcare isn’t a one-size fits all.

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Ms.Medicine practices are led by women’s health trained primary care providers, including internal medicine, family medicine, gynecology, and women’s health nurse practitioners. Our providers understand and care for the unique and often complex needs of women.

Ms.Medicine concierge practices bring patients comprehensive women’s specific care. This means we not only have clinical expertise across specialties, but we understand your specific physical and emotional needs and set the standard for exceptional, evidence-based women’s healthcare.

We Take Care of Your Whole Self

As your healthcare partner, we treat you as a whole person – and focus not only on diagnosis and treatment but preventive approaches, wellness options and the management of health conditions specific to you. Our expertise covers contraception, peri and post menopause, breast cancer risk assessment, sexual health and pelvic floor conditions, heart health, weight management, bone health, cancer survivorship, genetics, headache, sleep and nutrition. These are all critical factors that play a part in the overall health and well-being of those we serve.

Founder and leadership

Founded on the evidence that women deserve and need gender-specific, exceptional, comprehensive care at every stage of life.

Mission, Vision & Values

To improve and promote the health of women through comprehensive, longitudinal care.

To raise the standard of care for women.

Patients, Integrity, Respect, Collaboration

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