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What is Evidence-Based Medicine?

Evidence-based medicine is a context by which a clinician can determine the most effective course of treatment for each patient. It combines: (1) the best research-based evidence available for their patient’s medical concerns, (2) the patient’s values and preferences surrounding their care, and (3) the clinician’s own expertise and experience.

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Patient Story: Amy Eskoff Garret

According to Amy, family, friends, colleagues, doctors and people she didn’t even know played a huge role throughout her journey. And, while she says “luck” isn’t a word often spoken in the same sentence with cancer, her good luck started with a dear friend.

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The Facts on Intermittent Fasting

Every few years a new fad diet makes its rounds in the news and social media feeds. The latest buzzworthy approach to weight loss is intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting (IF) is just what the name suggests: It is a cycled pattern of eating and not eating (fasting).

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