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Sleep Meds Not Always a Dream Come True

It’s no secret that we – Americans, and especially women – aren’t getting enough sleep. It might be tempting to seek help in the form of a pill, either with a prescription sleep medication or an over-the-counter dietary supplement. But the research tells us to proceed carefully.

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Digestive Issues? You Might Have SIBO

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) was once thought of as a very rare condition. But as researchers and physicians learn more about the gut microbiome, SIBO appears to be more prevalent, and physicians know more about how to treat it.

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Please Vote! SXSW 2020

Help us spread the word by voting for our “Women are not little men” panel discussion to be featured at next year’s SXSW event featuring Ms.Medicine Founder and CEO Lisa Larkin, MD.

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