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Celebrating Romance Awareness Month

After many months of sheltering in place with your partner, you might find it difficult to feel romantic sparks. Between handwashing, mask-wearing, social distancing, home schooling, remote-working and the stress of the pandemic, romance and intimacy are low on the list of priorities.

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Vaccines – What You Need to Know Now

While you might think it’s best to avoid a trip to the doctor’s office these days, vaccines for common illnesses remain an important component of your family’s wellness strategy, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Finishing out the morning discussing the intersection of education & advocacy/connection between sexual health & neuroscience with @drstaceydutton + @LisaLarkinMD’s journey in sexual medicine & @MsMedicine 🤓

Your body is worthy exactly as it is. YOU are worthy exactly as you are.

Stretch out your arms, fill your lungs fully, smile, and thank the body that allows you to move, dance, sing, breathe, and LIVE. Your body, your #bff.

Beautiful poem by Nayyirah Waheed.