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We care for you when you are sick and when you are healthy. Either way, our focus is on you and giving you the high-touch, comprehensive care women deserve. To best serve you, please provide the information below through our secure and confidential website:

What can you expect

Although each practice follows the same model, Ms.Medicine practices also customize their services to provide the highest level of care and service to all patients. Services include:

  1. All-inclusive primary care and women’s health care for one annual fee (in-office diagnostics, IV fluids and wellness services are an additional fee)
  2. Longer visits including 30-minute follow-up visits and 60-minute physicals
  3. Enhanced access to providers, including:
    • Guaranteed same-day urgent visits
    • 24/7 access via phone, cell and email (except four weeks a year when a covering provider is available)
    • Telemedicine and home visits when appropriate
  4. Women’s-specific healthcare, in specific areas, including:
    • Contraception
    • Breast cancer risk assessment (your risk of developing breast cancer and strategies based on your risk score)
    • Sexual health consultation and treatment
    • Cardiovascular health assessment
    • Weight-management
    • Bone health
    • Cancer survivorship
    • Wellness
    • Comprehensive genetic health/genetic cancer consultation with a clinical geneticist
    • Menopause/perimenopause consultation and management
    • Nutrition consultation
  5. Access to deeply discounted prescription medication, diagnostic testing/lab work and other office services
  6. Enhanced customer service
  7. 24/7 access to customized, integrated medical records platform for both patients and provider

Learn more about Ms.Medicine by emailing us info@msmedicine.com