Breast Cancer Risk Assessment & Prevention Program

Learn Your Breast Cancer Risk

All women are at risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. And while most women know the phrase “1 in 8” — meaning one in eight women on average will develop breast cancer in their lifetime — we also know that many women are at much higher risk.

New research and tools now allow women to have an understanding of their personalized, individual risk of developing breast cancer. Working with Ms.Medicine clinicians, women can obtain their personalized risk score, and develop strategies for reducing their risk.

Take Charge of Your Health

When it comes to breast cancer, prevention is key. We are now offering virtual educational Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Consults with Founder and CEO of Ms.Medicine, Dr. Lisa Larkin.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Take the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment by clicking the button below. Please note, we are currently offering Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Consultations at a reduced fee of $35. If you cannot afford the fee, please email us prior to starting the assessment at info@msmedicine.com.
  2. Once you complete the assessment, you will be asked to check out by providing a credit card for the fee ($35).
  3. Once you’ve completed your check out, you will be able to self-schedule your appointment with Dr. Lisa Larkin.  During your 30-minute virtual consult, she will review your assessment answers and discuss your individual risk.