If there is ever a moment to do what you love, that moment is now


Great minds, doing great work. That’s Ms.Medicine and we’re growing fast.

We’d love for you to consider an opportunity with Ms.Medicine. Our practices are innovative, collaborative and make a lasting impact on not only patients but the quality of life of each provider. Through a culture of support, integrity and transparency providers are reminded each day why their passion led them into medicine. Doing what’s best for the patient rather than being tied to the needs of insurance brings a renewed sense of value to our providers.

We’re seeking primary care providers who are relentless in their pursuit of raising the standard of healthcare for women. Must have a passion for delivering outstanding, gender-specific care in a concierge medicine model that focuses on evidence-based medicine and continuous education.

If Ms.Medicine sounds like a fit for you, we’d love to connect. Please provide the information below through our secure and confidential website. We will never breach confidentiality.