Concierge Primary Care Membership

Exceptional, Personalized, Evidence-Based Healthcare is Here

Ms.Medicine is the only membership primary care network designed for women to address the unmet needs in women’s health — gender-specific care. 

For too long, women have been seen as “just small men” when it comes to healthcare, especially in the traditional primary care setting, where providers have very limited time (and limited training in women’s health) to address women’s complex health needs. Our membership model eliminates the barriers of third-party payers (e.g., health insurance and Medicare) and creates a direct relationship with the patient.

Ms.Medicine practices provide exceptional, accessible, primary care, membership medicine. This is the type of healthcare our patients deserve. Our comprehensive primary care and specialty care services include a focus on prevention and well-being.

Our providers bring years of experience in internal medicine, heart care, weight management, sleep, urgent care, menopause management, sexual health, breast cancer risk assessment and prevention, cancer survivorship, genetics, gynecology, pelvic floor conditions and nutrition to each patient we serve.

As healthcare costs continue to soar, both patients and physician practices have suffered. It’s time we — both patients and physicians — regain control of how medicine is practiced. Our practice approach provides two innovative business models for member patients of our practice. By changing our business model, our practice is able to see a dramatically reduced number of patients — resulting in more personalized care, greater access, and a true medical home for patients.

Concierge Member Benefits

  • Up-to-date, evidence-based care
  • Exceptional customer service
  • 24×7 Direct Access to your provider
  • Longer, comprehensive, prevention-based visits with your provider
  • Enhanced provider/patient relationship
  • Healthcare navigation services
  • Lower cost, affordable healthcare
  • Gender-specific care

Membership fees & services vary by location. Find a Ms.Medicine Provider near you!