Direct Primary Care for Employers

Promoting a Healthy Workforce

Your organization is only as healthy as your team. With Ms.Medicine Direct Primary Care, you can provide your employees access to exceptional health care at a huge savings compared to traditional insurance. Your team will enjoy a relationship with a provider they know and trust, easier access to care, and better satisfaction with their coverage, and you’ll enjoy transparent pricing, reduced emergency visits, and a happier, healthier workforce.

Employer Benefits

  • Cost savings by eliminating the “middleman”
  • Transparent pricing – lower cost with better quality care
  • Improved workforce satisfaction, productivity, and retention
  • Protection against multisystem safety and cost issues
  • Reduced emergency and urgent care referrals
  • Customized employer service options* – All-inclusive or employer-employee shared fee structure available
  • Occupational health opportunities including COVID-19 testing, flu shots, & return-to-work clearance after illness

*Pair direct primary with a low-cost, high-deductible plan to lessen the employer’s financial burden.

Employee Benefits

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Tailored prevention and wellness programming
  • Evidence-based, customized acute and chronic care
  • Increased access to care – same day/next day in-person and telehealth visits, as well as after-hours access by phone
  • Advanced coordination of care as needed
  • Continuity of care with dedicated providers
  • Growing virtual provider network of coaches and specialists


Employer-Based Membership Programs

Employer Pricing

Company Membership

as low as
$8 per employee per month.

Direct Primary Care Membership

as low as
$13 per employee per month.

Comprehensive Care Membership

as low as
$90 per employee per month.
(min 25 participants)

Employee fees at time of service

Annual Physicals (60 minutes)




Primary Care Office Visits




Urgent Care & Sick Visits

within 48 hours

within 48 hours

same day guaranteed

Women's Health Consultations

(menopause, breast health, bone health & cancer risk assessment and prevention)
Regularly priced $375




24/7/365 On-Call Provider

Virtual Visits (TeleHealth)

Discounted Labs

Discounted In-Office Procedures & Testing

*Laboratory testing, imaging, specialist referrals and hospital services may be billed to insurance.