Direct Primary Care for Employers
Promoting a Healthy Workforce

Your organization is only as healthy as your team. With Ms.Medicine Direct Primary Care, you can provide your employees access to exceptional health care at a huge savings compared to traditional insurance. Your team will enjoy a relationship with a provider they know and trust, easier access to care, and better satisfaction with their coverage, and you’ll enjoy transparent pricing, reduced emergency visits, and a happier, healthier workforce.

Employer Benefits

  • Cost savings by eliminating the “middleman”
  • Transparent pricing – lower cost with better quality care
  • Improved workforce satisfaction, productivity, and retention
  • Protection against multisystem safety and cost issues
  • Reduced emergency and urgent care referrals
  • Customized employer service options* – All-inclusive or employer-employee shared fee structure available
  • Occupational health opportunities including COVID-19 testing, flu shots, & return-to-work clearance after illness

*Pair direct primary with a low-cost, high-deductible plan to lessen the employer’s financial burden.

Employee Benefits

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Tailored prevention and wellness programming
  • Evidence-based, customized acute and chronic care
  • Increased access to care – same day/next day in-person and telehealth visits, as well as after-hours access by phone
  • Advanced coordination of care as needed
  • Continuity of care with dedicated providers
  • Growing virtual provider network of coaches and specialists


Women's Health Specialty

Ms.Medicine providers undergo advanced training in women’s health. This allows them to provide the gender-specific care your female employees deserve for their complex healthcare needs. Our women’s health program includes breast health, cancer risk assessment and prevention, bone health, and perimenopause and menopause care.

Ms.Medicine Direct-to-Employer services are available in these cities:

Don’t see your location? Contact us at info@msmedicine.com to discuss upcoming opportunities in your area.