Direct Primary Care Membership

Affordable, personalized, evidence based healthcare is here.

Ms.Medicine is the only membership primary care network designed for women to address the unmet needs in women’s health — gender-specific care. While we offer a premium concierge care membership, with unlimited 24×7 access to your preferred provider, many patients want the same personalized relationship with a provider at a more affordable price – introducing Direct Primary Care memberships.

Direct Primary Care members enjoy the same benefits of a traditional concierge membership, at a lower monthly cost: 

  • Up-to-date, evidence-based care
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Direct Access to a provider
  • Longer, comprehensive, prevention-based visits 
  • Enhanced provider/patient relationship
  • Healthcare navigation services
  • Lower cost, affordable healthcare
  • Gender-specific care

  As healthcare costs continue to soar, both patients and physician practices have suffered. It’s time we — both patients and physicians — regain control of how medicine is practiced. By changing our business model, our practice is able to see a dramatically reduced number of patients — resulting in more personalized care, greater access, and a true medical home for patients.  Like concierge care, the direct primary care (or DPC) model eliminates the barriers of third-party payers (e.g., health insurance and Medicare) and creates a direct relationship with the patient.  

What Costs Are Involved?

Direct Primary Care members pay a variable membership fee (either monthly or annually) based on the patient’s age.  Patients pay a minimal, transparent fee for all sick visits, physicals and follow up visits.  

Membership fees & services vary by location. Find a Ms.Medicine Provider near you today!