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Feeling swamped by the massive amount of information about women’s health? Questions about what treatments are safe and effective for midlife health issues? 

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For too long, Western medicine has hardly recognized differences between men and women except for reproductive health. So, it’s important for all women to understand some of the new thinking in gender-specific care so they can advocate for themselves to get the healthcare they deserve. Find out more about this event and sign up here.
An image of 6 women of varying ages and ethnicities sitting on a couch, happy, with the words "Ms.MedEd Presents": Healthcare ProvidHERS: What Clinicians Need to Know About Women's Health in 2020
An update for providers at Hyde Park Country Club in Cincinnati, OH. Find out more about this event and sign up here.

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Friday Fill In: At Ms.Medicine, we stay inspired by the women movers-and-shakers making real change in the world each and every day. We want to know — who are the women who inspire you? #womenwhoinspire

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We are thrilled to announce our third location – Laurie Birkholz, MD, and Associates – opening in the Holland/Grand Rapids, MI, area this spring! Stay tuned for more details about the opening of Laurie Birkholz, MD, and Associates, and learn more here: