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Patient FAQS

If you are interested in finding an internal medicine provider who not only understands women’s health but also is specialty trained to care for the unique needs of women, learn more about how Ms.Medicine can meet your needs. Becoming a patient is easy. Schedule a complimentary meet-and-greet by emailing Keri@msmedicine.com.

Because the Ms.Medicine practices opt out of third-party health insurance and Medicare plans, annual membership; fees are not covered or reimbursable by insurance. However, you may be able to deduct your membership fees from your Health Saving Account if you have one. Your Ms.Medicine annual membership includes office visits.

No, in most cases, your annual fee can be paid semi-annually or annually. After six months is paid up front, patients may elect to pay every month.

Please discuss this with your accountant. The annual fee may be deducted for some patients who itemize medical expenses.

Coverage will always be available. Your physician will arrange for coverage in her absence with another Ms.Medicine provider.

Provider FAQS

As a provider, you worked hard to get where you are. But perhaps now, you’re working for a hospital system, or you feel like you’re working for insurance companies. Maybe you have new goals and believe it’s time to start working for your patients, providing the care you passionately thought you would and begin to enjoy a work-life balance. Becoming a Ms.Medicine provider helps you achieve these goals and offers many benefits including:

  • Professional autonomy and independence
  • Control over scheduling
  • Zero patient quotas
  • Smaller patient panels
  • Enhanced patient / provider relations
  • Exceptional visibility as a Ms.Medicine provider
  • Connection with a network of expert providers with similar practice goals
  • Successful practice transitions
  • Advocacy and mobilization
  • Education and collaboration
Ms.Medicine experts collaborate with you to gain financial sustainability and increase revenue without meeting the standard patient quota panels found in health systems and traditional medical practices across the country. We’ll also work with you to provide your patients with cost savings for prescriptions, lab work and other ancillary services. Providers are appropriately compensated for the high quality care they offer their patients.

A typical Ms.Medicine practice will transition 10-15% of their patients. Ms.Medicine will be on site prior to and during the transition, to help with communication to patients and your marketing and branding strategy. The Ms.Medicine model transform a female provider’s quality of life by restoring balance, passion and career goals, and female patients will finally feel like they are given the time they need with their provider. Patients get their questions answered, have time to discuss wellness and prevention and share conversations about the unique healthcare needs they face. Finally, women get the healthcare they deserve.

Your patient’s will receive a higher level of care. One that is not dictated by patient quotas.
Patients will have a provider who understands their whole health and can partner with them through illness, wellness and prevention. Practices provide evidence-based care which is the gold standard for healthcare delivery.

Ms.Medicine wants your practice to succeed. We’ll work with you to design and guide your Ms.Medicine practice specific to your goals, expertise and market opportunities. We provide each practice with a Blue-Print for success.

Many providers have built their independent practice over a long period. Ms.Medicine understands the time and energy you put in to get where you are. Provider practices have 100% ownership over their practice and utilize the Ms.Medicine Blue-Print proven model to increase profitability while improving a providers quality of life.

When the time comes for you to retire, Ms.Medicine works with you to develop a transition
strategy without disruption in patient care.

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Where we lead, many women will follow. Come along — let’s show them what’s possible. ♀️

Ovarian cancer can affect one or both ovaries and often goes undetected, making it the #1 cause of death from gynecologic cancer.

September is #OvarianCancerAwareness month. Learn more about risk factors and preventative measures here:

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