Investing in our health—and yours!

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Ms.Medicine is thrilled to announce the finalization of  a multi-million dollar Series A investment round with the Cincinnati-based firm Assure Health. This investment means not only great things for Ms.Medicine, but also for you, our patients. See the full announcement –  MsMedicine Closes Series A

It’s a critical time in women’s healthcare. We’ve reached a point where women are no longer willing to accept the status quo of traditional primary care—the one in which women’s complex health needs are not being addressed adequately. There has been an explosion of companies trying to fill this void, yet the amount of information – and misinformation—is overwhelming for women. Ms.Medicine is committed to advancing women’s health care through our primary care model of network clinicians who have advanced training and specialization in women’s health, as well as through education and training using evidence-based practices.

The support from Assure Health means more Ms.Medicine clinicians offering more and greater access to our model of care. It also means an expansion of Ms.MedEd™, our education platform for patients and clinicians through events and information-sharing with the goal of improving the patient-clinician relationship and elevating women’s health care. Lastly, it will lead to enhanced technology options for our patients, including accessible electronic health records, telehealth options, a mobile app, and more coming soon.

We’re motivated more than ever to end gender disparity in care. We’re committed to ending the spread of misinformation and dangerous pseudoscience, and replacing it with solid evidence-based medicine that serves to help women live long, healthy lives. And we will absolutely not stop until women receive the healthcare they deserve.

We’re excited about the future and our role in helping women be healthy and knowledgeable about staying that way.

Thank you for believing in us and trusting us with your health. Together, we are changing the face of healthcare for women.

In good health,

Lisa Larkin, MD, FACP, NCMP, IF

Founder & CEO, Ms.Medicine

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