Levi Furr

Chief Operating Officer

Levi Furr

Levi Furr serves as the Ms.Medicine Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Furr oversees the growth and curation of the Ms.Medicine Experience for our patients, providers, and partners.

With a decade of healthcare experience, including program and operations management, consulting, and business strategy development; Furr brings a holistic approach to solutioning and development. Today, he works across our practices, business partners, and teams to ensure that our network is equipped with quality solutions and a vision for the future.

Most recently, Furr oversaw practice operations for a multi-facility oncology, private, practice in the greater NYC region. Prior to that role, Furr was the Business Strategy Manager for Unlimited Systems, a GE National Channel Partner in Oncology, where he focused on practice success and development. During his tenure with Unlimited Systems he oversaw technology implementations and consulting engagements at over 150 private oncology practices. Through these roles, he gained a unique perspective on the future of healthcare delivery and how technology plays an important role in facilitating that future.

Furr is a graduate from Xavier University with a degree in Political Science and International Relations and was a Fredin Fellow with the University of Grenoble, France. Today, he resides with his family in Cincinnati, Ohio and enjoys spending his time traveling the world.