Lisa Larkin, MD, Named Healthcare Hero Entrepreneur

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Founder and CEO of Ms.Medicine Recognized for Innovative Women’s Health Organization

Dr. Larkin was named the 2019 Health Care Hero Entrepreneur by the Cincinnati Business Courier for founding Ms.Medicine, an innovative healthcare organization that offers comprehensive, evidence-based, concierge internal medicine for women. In addition, it seeks to raise the level of care for women by encouraging evidence-based practices and training and education for primary care providers in the area of women’s health. The Ms.Medicine model is that first primary care concierge model focused specifically on the unique healthcare needs of women.

As a women’s health internist in practice for more than 20 years, Dr. Larkin has seen firsthand the problems with the way primary care is delivered – especially for women. She believes the current delivery model does not allow primary care physicians to provide adequate care for the specific and often complex health needs of women. A concierge model allows providers to avoid the obstacles of third-party payers and focus on increased access and an improved relationship between provider and patient. More time together means the opportunity for Ms.Medicine providers to address issues such as menopause management, sexual health, breast cancer risk assessment and prevention, cancer survivorship, bone health, cardiovascular risk assessment and prevention, and more.

“I founded Ms. Medicine with the belief that a women’s-specific concierge medicine organization could positively impact women’s health in several ways,” Said Dr. Larkin. “First, by creating a sustainable, concierge practice model, Ms.Medicine allows women’s health-trained primary care clinicians the opportunity to provide the evidence-based, complex women’s health care they were trained to deliver. It also would encourage primary care providers interested in women’s health to obtain women’s health training and practice women’s health-specific primary care — increasing the number of women’s health-trained providers practicing evidence-based medicine.”

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