Provider Alliance Directory

Providing evidence-based, research-backed clinical care to women is of paramount importance to Ms.Medicine and the members of the Ms.Medicine Provider Alliance. If you're looking for a provider you can trust - look no further than the Ms.Medicine Allied Providers listed below!!


Risa Kagan, MD, FACOG, CCD, NCMP
Gynecologist, Bone Health & Menopause Specialist
Sutter East Bay Physicians Medical Group
Berkeley, CA


Leslie Appiah, MD
Gynecologist, Onco-Fertility Specialist
University of Colorado Hospital
Denver, CO

District of Columbia

Rachel Rubin, MD, IF
Urologist, Menopause & Sexual Medicine Expert
IntimMedicine Specialists
Washington, DC

James Simon, MD, CCP, NCMP, IF, FACOG
Gynecologist, Reproductive Endocrinology, Infertility, Menopause & Sexual Medicine Expert
IntimMedicine Specialists
Washington, DC

Andrea Singer, MD, FACP, CCDD
Internist, Bone Health & Menopause Expert
Georgetown University Hospital
Washington, DC


Brian Bernick, MD, FACOG
Gynecologist & Women’s Health Specialist
Boca Raton, FL

Dawn Mussallem, DO
Internist & Breast Health Specialist
Mayo Clinic
Jacksonville, FL

Sabrina Sahni, MD, NCMP
Family Medicine and Breast Specialist, Mayo Clinic
Jacksonville, FL


Pamela Gaudry, MD, FACOG, NCMP
Gynecologist & Menopause Expert
The Georgia Center for Menopausal Medicine
Savannah, GA

Elizabeth Killebrew, MD, FACOG, NCMP, CCD
Gynecologist & Menopause Expert
Southern Crescent Women’s Healthcare
Fayetteville, GA

Heather Quaile, DNP, WHNP-BC, CSC, IF
Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner & Sexual Medicine Expert
The Sexual Health Optimization and Wellness Center
Woodstock, GA


Lauren Streicher, MD
Menopause & Sexual Medicine Expert
Northwestern Medicine Center for Sexual Medicine & Menopause
Chicago, IL

Kristi Tough-DeSapri, MD
Internist & Osteoporosis Expert, Northwestern Medicine Center for Comprehensive Gynecology
Northwestern Medicine Center for Comprehensive Gynecology
Chicago, IL


Angela Fitch, MD, FACP, FOMA
Internist & Obesity Expert
Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Weight Center
Boston, MA


Nancy R. Berman, MSN, ANP-BC, NCMP, FAANP
Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner
Millennium Affiliated Physicians
Farmington Hills, MI

Laurie Birkholz, MD, NCMP
Family Medicine Physician & Women’s Health Specialist
Laurie Birkholz, MD & Associates
Holland, MI

Barb Depree, MD, NCMP
Gynecologist, Sexual Medicine & Menopause Expert
Holland, MI

Carrie Leff, DO, NCMP
Internist & Pediatrician, Women’s & Adolescent Female Health Expert
Henry Ford Health System
Bloomfield Township, MI

New York

Tara Allmen, MD, FACOG, NCMP
Gynecologist & Menopause Expert
Tara Allmen MD
New York, NY

Rebecca Brightman, MD, FACOG, NCMP
Gynecologist & Menopause Expert
East Side Women’s OBGYN Associates
New York, NY

Shari Goldfarb, MD
Breast Health Expert
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY

Steven R. Goldstein, MD, NCMP
Gynecologist & Menopause Expert
New York University School of Medicine
New York, NY

Pebble Kranz, MD, FECSM
Sexual & Gender Medicine Expert
Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness
Rochester, NY

Karen LaFace, MD, NCMP
Board Certified Family Medicine Physician
Cayuga Medical Associates
Ithaca, NY

Corinne Menn, DO, FACOG
Gynecologist & Menopause Expert
Dr. Corinne Menn, OBGYN
Chappaqua, NY

Sharon Parish, MD
Internist, Menopause & Sexual Health Expert
Weill Cornell Medicine
New York, NY


Terry M Gibbs, DO, FACOG, NCMP
Gynecologist & Menopause Expert
Toledo, OH

Sheryl Kingsberg, PhD
Psychologist & Sexual Health Specialist
University Hospitals Cleveland
Mansfield, OH

Hope O’Brien, MD, MBA, FAHS, FAAN
Neurologist & Headache Specialist
Headache Center of Hope
Cincinnati, OH

Holly Pederson, MD, NCMP
Breast Specialist
The Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH

Sarah Pickle, MD
Family Medicine, Transgender & Women’s Health Specialist
University of Cincinnati Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH

Marsha Smith, MD, FAAN
Neurologist, Movement Disorders & Dementia Specialist
Riverhills Neuroscience
Cincinnati, OH

Ashley Solomon, PsyD, CCEDS
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Galia Collaborative
Cincinnati, OH


Amanda Clark, MD, MCR,  NCMP
Menopause Specialist
Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Portland, OR


Kamilia Smith, MD, FACOG,  NCMP
Gynecologist, Menopause Specialist
Charleston House
Dallas, TX


Deepali Kothary, MD, NCMP, FACOG, IF
Gynecologist & Women’s Health Specialist
Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group
Burke, VA

Eileen West, MD, FACP, CCD
Internist & Women’s Health Specialist
Eileen West, MD & Associates
Fairfax, VA