Ms.Medicine Announces Offices to Open in Michigan

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Offering concierge primary care for women opening its third location, with plans for more in 2020

Yesterday, we announced that Ms.Medicine will open its second practice outside of the Tri-State area and third in the country. Laurie Birkholz, MD, & Associates will open as a Ms.Medicine practice in May in Holland, Michigan.

“We are thrilled to expand our reach and welcome Dr. Birkholz to the Ms.Medicine team,” said Lisa Larkin, MD, FACP, NCMP, IF, Founder and CEO of Cincinnati-based Ms.Medicine. “Dr. Birkholz has extensive experience in women’s health and is passionate about educating and caring for her patients. She is a remarkable addition to the Ms.Medicine network.”

Laurie Birkholz, MD, NCMP, is a board-certified Family Medicine physician and fellowship-trained Women’s Health specialist who has been practicing since 2007, first in Wisconsin and now in Michigan. She most recently practiced with Lakeshore Health Partners in the Holland, MI, area. “I strongly believe in the importance of caring for the whole woman through a holistic approach based in lifestyle medicine and prevention,” said Dr. Birkholz. Her advanced training in women’s health allows for additional focus in areas that include menopausal medicine, sexual health and gynecology—areas that are typically not covered in traditional primary care visits

“Ms.Medicine embraces the belief that knowledge is power and that by educating women, we can empower them to be their best health advocate,” said Dr. Birkholz. “I believe my practice and its affiliation with Ms.Medicine will give me the opportunity to provide the best possible personalized care for women.”

Ms.Medicine practices offer a concierge primary care model designed specifically to meet the unique health needs of women. Practices are led by women’s health-trained, primary care providers who offer a full spectrum of care, including long-term care, urgent care, wellness and preventive care and specialty women’s healthcare. Dr. Larkin founded Ms.Medicine and opened the first practice in Cincinnati in 2018 to address gender-specific needs of women not typically addressed in traditional primary care settings, such as bone health, sexual health, breast cancer risk assessment and prevention, menopause, and other issues. As concierge practices, Ms.Medicine offices opt out of Medicare and health insurance and instead provide all-inclusive care for a monthly or annual fee. The company’s goal is to expand nationally, including opening three to five new offices in 2020.

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