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Patient FAQS

As healthcare costs continue to soar, both patients and physician practices have suffered.  Our practice approach provides an innovative business model for member patients.  By changing our business model, our practice sees a dramatically reduced number of patients – resulting in more personalized care, greater access and a true medical home for patients.

Not only do we offer concierge care for our members, which provides 24/7 access to your preferred provider, we offer many non-member services as well.  You can see the complete list of clinical offerings here.

If you are interested in finding an internal medicine provider who not only provides comprehensive, quality, evidence-based care but also is specialty trained to care for the unique needs of women, learn more about how Ms.Medicine can meet your needs. Contact our patient liaison at rrager@msmedicine.com or click the button above.

Ms.Medicine practices opt out of third-party health insurance including Medicare.  This means your membership fee is not covered or reimbursable by insurance.  If you have an FSA or HSA,  you may be able to deduct your membership fees from that account.  Please contact the servicer of your FSA/HSA for their policy regarding membership medicine.

No, in most cases, your annual fee can be paid semi-annually or annually. 

Please discuss this with your accountant. The annual fee may be deducted for some patients who itemize medical expenses.

Your physician will arrange for coverage in their absence with another concierge provider.  Coverage will continue to be available to you 24/7 while your doctor is away.

Patients are aware of typical visit fees upfront.  Occasionally there may be some nominal ancillary charges related to your visit (in-office testing and procedures, etc) that you will be responsible for.   We try to communicate non-covered costs as immediately and transparently as possible.  Because we are not part of a hospital system, and not subject to contracted rates with insurance companies, our services are offered at greatly reduced costs.

We think of virtual visits as supplemental to good primary care – not a replacement for in-person care.  The office can offer these visits in some circumstances, when appropriate.  In cases where a physical exam is necessary, we reserve the right to recommend a traditional clinic visit.