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There is nothing more personal in life than your health – your healthcare should reflect that.

Know your risks.
Know your options.
Know yourself.

The Ms.Medicine Difference

61% of women [age 20-34] put off seeing a doctor until their symptoms were urgent.

As a member of a Ms.Medicine concierge practice, you can exchange emails or text messages with your provider and receive immediate guidance and solutions before an issue becomes urgent.

Every year 55,000 more women suffer a stroke than men.

Ms.Medicine concierge practices provide women gender-specific care. A one-size-fits-all approach can lead to misdiagnosis, especially with strokes, where a woman’s symptoms (weakness, fever, changed mental status) are different from a man’s.

All women go through menopause; only 30% are getting the care they need.

As part of a Ms.Medicine practice, your provider will have advanced knowledge and adequate time to share with you. Traditional healthcare settings only allocate 15 minutes for a primary care appointment; compared to a Ms.Medicine 60-minute annual wellness appointment, it is clear why menopause isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

78% of women [age 20-34] say mental health is their #1 concern, but most aren't seeking support.

A Ms.Medicine provider is an advocate for your total wellbeing. In addition to recommending specialists, your provider can connect the dots for any treatment you receive outside your primary care office, giving you an expert eye to look at the big picture and help you make informed decisions.

Doctors in the Ms.Medicine network are specialty-trained women’s health experts, building practices from a foundation of experience with key women’s health issues.

How It Works

Membership + Access

  • Ms.Medicine concierge practices charge an annual membership fee to cover all visits and give unlimited, 24/7 access (including cell phone, email, and telehealth) to a Ms.Medicine provider.

Insurance + Savings

  • Ms.Medicine is an investment in your health that acts as a complement to your insurance plan.
  • The concierge model eliminates the middle man (insurance) from primary care.
  • An independent practice allows Ms.Medicine providers to have longer appointments, direct contact with patients, and the ability to pass on savings for things that otherwise have insurance markups (like some prescription medicines, labs, diagnostic tests, and more).
  • While improved primary care will promote your overall health, insurance plans are still necessary for anything outside of a Ms.Medicine office (such as appointments with specialists or the new for hospitalization).

Ready to personalize your healthcare?

Concierge medicine centers patient priorities, and our customer service reflects that. Whether you’re making an appointment or have a question, we cater to our partnership for an overall smooth experience.

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