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Breast cancer risk assessment & prevention program

This program is designed to educate and empower! Educate you about your breast cancer risk and appropriate breast cancer screening strategies based on your individual risk of breast cancer. Empower you to take steps to lower your risk. Knowledge is power. Breast cancer prevention is the goal. All women are at risk of breast cancer. Screening and early detection are important however we must also focus on prevention strategies. We now understand 30% of breast cancer in the U.S. is related to lifestyle factors that can be controlled. Lifestyle matters and all women should prioritize healthy choices regardless of her calculated risk. A low breast cancer risk is not a zero risk.

Genetic Screening

Nearly 1 in 3 people in the United States will develop cancer during their lifetime. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider whether their own risk of developing cancer is higher or lower than average. To understand this, patients need to be counseled on the factors that impact risk.

Advances in the field of genetics and genetic testing have led us to better understand an individual’s genetic health risk. Understanding risk empowers patients to make informed decisions about their health.

Ms.Medicine offers three genetic health risk assessment services:

  • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and Prevention Program (BCRAPP)
  • Comprehensive Hereditary Risk Assessment Program (CHRAP)
  • Proactive Genetic Profile Screening (PGPS)

When participants meet with a genetics professional, we gather information to help develop a personalized screening and wellness plan.

Sexual Health

A sexual health issue may create feelings of frustration or make a person feel self-conscious. About 50% of women will experience a sexual health problem at some point in their life. These conditions can be caused by medical reasons including behavioral health issues, medications, and even menopause. Sexual health issues, if left untreated can have a profound, negative impact on the overall quality of life.

Ms.Medicine Cincinnati can address physical concerns while also taking into account psychological, medical social, cultural, and relationship factors that may also impact sexual function and health.

In addition to full gynecologic services, we offer evaluation and treatment of:

  • Decreased desire
  • Delayed or absent orgasm
  • Difficulty with arousal
  • Painful intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • Vulvar pain disorders (vulvodynia, vaginismus and vestibular pain

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