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91% of traditional healthcare providers experience burnout.

100% of Ms.Medicine providers feel inspired.

Join our community. Raise the standard for both women’s healthcare and your career.

I wake up happy to go to work again. I am working just as hard, but now it’s for something I deeply believe in, something that’s mine. Making this change has given me my career and passion back, and I know in my heart Ms.Medicine is going to elevate the level of care women receive across the country.”

Eileen West MD, FACP
Internal Medicine and Women’s Health // Ms.Medicine Fairfax, VA

The Ms.Medicine Difference

Compared to traditional healthcare models, the Ms.Medicine concierge model evolves the patient-doctor
visit to a lifetime partnership in health. Autonomy allows time for personalized, comprehensive,
evidence-based decision-making and improved quality of life.

More Time, Fewer Barriers

In a traditional healthcare model, physicians spend an average of two hours on administrative work for each hour of clinical face time.2 Ms.Medicine is not beholden to insurance or Medicare restrictions, allowing for smaller practices and more time with patients.

7-15 minute

average primary care appointment time in a traditional healthcare model.


60 minute

annual physical and wellness visit, plus follow-up and urgent visits with Ms.Medicine concierge model.

Define Your Legacy

Ms.Medicine gives providers the ability to practice medicine the way they always envisioned.


of physicians who experience burnout, want to quit medicine in a traditional healthcare model.



Ms.Medicine concierge providers practice medicine on their terms.

Ms.Medicine clinicians have the autonomy to define the parameters of their practice and ability to advance the standard of care for women through evidence-based, gender-specific care.

Consistent, Reliable Payment

Insurance and Medicare plans dictate payment in a traditional healthcare model.


A membership-based annual patient fee supports the Ms.Medicine concierge model.

Support to Go it Alone

The Ms.Medicine concierge model provides the assistance needed to launch an independent practice, removes bureaucracy from decision-making, and utilizes cutting-edge technology to maximize record-keeping efficiency.

The challenge of launching, building, and running a successful business prevents physicians in a traditional healthcare model from going it alone.


Ms.Medicine sets providers up for success with practice launch, patient recruitment, and marketing support.

Become Part of a Movement

Ms.Medicine is building a community of expert, multispecialty clinicians to emphasize collaboration, continued education, and raise the standard of care for women.

In a traditional healthcare model, there is little time or training for providers to focus on complex women's health needs.


The impact of Ms.Medicine extends beyond comprehensive, evidence-based concierge practices to elevate women’s healthcare on a larger scale through education.

Ms.Medicine has created a collegial community among providers who support and learn from each other.  As each local affiliate practice advances healthcare for women, the result is a national network where women can get the care they deserve.

providers with a passion for narrowing the healthcare gender gap

Let’s work together to raise the standard of care for women and build the practice you envision.