Providers with a passion for narrowing the healthcare gender gap.


Reach Higher. Reach Further. Reach Her.

Women today are not getting the healthcare they deserve.

And many physicians are not practicing the kind of healthcare they envisioned.

We’re spending too many hours missing each other. Providers are too bogged down with bureaucratic tasks, having to make decisions about patient care based too heavily on insurers and mandates and financial penalties. Too many are getting burned out by a system that isn’t working and isn’t rewarding. A new Harvard report calls physician burnout “a public health crisis that urgently demands action.”

We're reaching higher.

Development of a national network of Ms.Medicine women’s health primary care providers, offering comprehensive, evidence based, personalized care through an innovative direct primary care/concierge practice model.

Medicine is changing.

Women aren’t just “small men,” as our industry sees them, and their complex medical needs often can’t be served in an office visit lasting only minutes. Preventative care and patient wellness? There’s just no time. Women are leaving traditional primary care offices, seeking out alternatives where they don’t feel like a “number,” where they can have an actual dialogue with their provider

You can reach further.

If you share our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for women’s health, we’d love to talk to you about opportunities with Ms.Medicine. Imagine:

  • Professional autonomy and control over your schedule, with no patient quotas.
  • Access to a customized IT platform, mobile app and professional resources.
  • Connection to a network of expert physicians with similar practice goals and a shared commitment to education, collaboration and advocacy.

If the values that led you into medicine now are leading you to reach for more, let’s talk. Let’s get past physician burnout. Let’s burn brighter and make a difference in the lives of women.

Contact us here and we’ll work together.

Locations coming soon

Washington, DC / Virginia
Naples / Palm Beach. Florida

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