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Women Deserve
Better Healthcare

Men’s and women’s bodies aren’t the same. Their healthcare shouldn’t be, either.

For too long, medicine has treated women as just a version of “small men.” But women’s needs are unique, complex and definitely different than those of men. And they are often going unmet.

Demands on traditional primary care doctors today only allow them an average of seven minutes of face time with their patients. That’s barely enough time to address immediate health concerns, let alone offer whole-person, comprehensive and preventive care.

We created Ms.Medicine to do better.

In a Ms.Medicine space, we can speak freely about our lives and health, partner together and share up-to-date, evidence-based care with exceptional customer service. No topic is off the table. Need advice on pelvic floor exercises or how to prevent UTIs? Wondering about genetic counseling, sleep problems or menopause symptoms? Have general or specific concerns? Bring it all here.

We’re here to hear it—and to help.

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